Sunday, 27 May 2007

A beginning after the end?

Its late on Monday evening the kids have been put to bed and I am tired. Its been a strange day really.

Earlier I had gone back to Freddy's House the community board of the UK Servers for Dark Age of Camelot where I once spent so much time arguing and discussing, writing essays (infuriating most there in the process), defining, redefining and generally struggling to understand what was happening. There where times when I got it wrong, times when I lost it and times when I felt we nailed it. Ultimately though in end there was nothing.

It seemed so empty. I suppose that was no surprise it had been around two months since I had even looked at the forum. Three since I had said I was never posting there again, old habits die hard. This time however I noticed something had happened and things changed once more.

Sometimes you know when you see something and a wheel turns in your head and your perspective changes slightly? You see possibilities and things open up that were once closed. and you feel a shift in something and your not sure what? That happened.

Not being too sure what I start to browse again. I read the thread and it does not shock me. The news was unsurprising, in fact a good few of us had discussed the possibility of its content four months previously. To see it in pixels though brought back those memories and I was once more gut wrenchingly sad angry and furious. Assailed at a computer screen by the emotions I do something totally contradictory. I renew my subs.

This Blog is a story about how I got to know Dark Age of Camelot, fall in love with it and then watch it all disintegrate.

This is the story of Sharkith.

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